DSP Resources

DSP Resources

The MLC is now administering blanket licenses for the reproduction of musical works by eligible digital service providers (DSPs) that provide consumers in the United States with interactive streaming and download services. DSPs interested in obtaining a blanket license should contact The MLC at dsp.relations@themlc.com.

Eligible DSPs seeking more information about the new blanket license can also contact the Digital Licensee Coordinator (DLC), the nonprofit entity designated by the U.S. Copyright Office to represent DSPs in connection with The MLC’s administration of the new blanket license.    

DSPs that wish to operate under a blanket license have a number of legal obligations, including submitting to The MLC a Notice of License. Moreover, most DSPs providing interactive streaming and download services to consumers will have legal obligations involving The MLC even if they elect not to secure a blanket license. These obligations include submitting to The MLC a Notice of Nonblanket Activity. The forms you need to use to submit these notices are provided below.

DSPs who have any questions about their eligibility to operate under a blanket license, or the obligations they may be required to fulfill even if they do not obtain a blanket license, are strongly encouraged to consult with their legal counsel as soon as possible.

Fact Sheets

Click here to find a collection of fact sheets explaining what a DSP should know to onboard with The MLC.

Key Dates

Blanket Licensees and Significant Non-Blanket Licensees are required by law to submit usage reporting and payments to The MLC on time. Click here to see deadlines.


Click here to find The MLC's collection of webinars designed to help DSPs onboard with The MLC.


Blanket Licensees and Significant Non-Blanket Licensees are required to make themselves formally known to The MLC. This is done by submitting a notice. Click here to get access to the notice webforms.

Specifications, Templates and Guidelines


The MLC asks that DSPs provide information utilizing specific templates and guidelines to ensure that our systems can ingest the information properly. If these templates and guidelines are not followed the DSP will be asked to resubmit the information in the correct format. Click here to learn more.