Starting in 2021, The MLC will collect digital audio mechanical royalties from eligible streaming and download services in the United States who elect to secure blanket licenses from The MLC. The MLC will strive to ensure that music publishers, administrators, self-administered songwriters, composers and lyricists receive their share of the mechanical royalties that The MLC collects from these services accurately and on time. Publishers and creators will need to Connect to Collect and become Members of The MLC in order to collect the digital audio mechanical royalties they are owed. 


Who needs to become a Member

Anyone who is entitled to receive digital audio mechanical royalties in the United States will need to become a "Member" of The MLC. This will include music publishers, administrators, ex-U.S. collective management organizations, and self-administered songwriters, composers, and lyricists. Becoming a "Member" of The MLC is how you Connect to Collect your digital audio mechanical royalties from The MLC. By law, The MLC's services will be free for all of its Members. We have created a number of resources to help you navigate the process of becoming a Member.

Self-Administered Songwriters



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Music Publishers, CMO's & Administrators


Music Note

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