Specifications, Templates and Guidelines

Direct Voluntary License (for Streaming) Template v1.1

Streaming services that wish to maintain Voluntary Licenses after securing a Blanket License are required under the MMA to provide this notice to The MLC. There are two scenarios where a DSP should submit Voluntary License information: 1. Has a direct license(s) with publishers or administrators 2. The content on the service includes musical works for which the DSP controls the applicable publishing rights and the DSP does not want the works to be included in the Blanket License. Use this template to submit Voluntary License information. 

Sample Monthly Usage Reporting Cover Sheet Template v1.0

The monthly report(s) of usage must be submitted along with a Coversheet containing basic information about the DSPs service, as well as information about estimates, how to access the audio in your service and how to request access to documents. Use this template to submit the Cover Sheet along with usage reporting.

Simple Usage Reporting Format for Ongoing Reporting v1.0 Revision 4

The monthly reports of usage can be submitted in the Simple Usage Reporting Format (SURF). This reporting is specific to The MLC and designed to be simple enough to be completed in Excel if necessary. Use this template if you wish to submit your monthly reports(s) of usage using SURF.

Guidelines for sending monthly Reports of Usage to The MLC using DDEX DSRF v1.4 v1.1.2

This format is typically preferred by international DSPs, as other CMOs around the world accept this format. This is maintained by DDEX. DDEX DSRF is complicated and if a DSP is not familiar with the format, we recommend they use SURF. Use this template if you wish to submit your monthly reports(s) of usage using DDEX DSRF v1.4. View guidelines here.

Annual Report of Usage Cover Sheet Template  V 1.0

Use this template to submit a cover sheet along with Annual Reports of Usage. Click here to view template.

Technical Guidelines for DSPs making adjustments as part of their AroU v 1.0

This communication addresses technical guidelines for providing data in connection with adjustments accompanying Annual Reports of Usage. Click here to view guidelines.