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Resources and Tools to Learn More

The MLC has developed resources designed to help self-administered songwriters and music publishers learn more about our organization, our work to achieve The MLC's mission, and the tools available to help prepare for The MLC Portal. Click the links below to learn more and check back often for new resources.



In this section we answer the most frequently asked questions about The MLC, The MLC Portal, mechanical royalties and the music industry as a whole.

Member Tools


The MLC has created a suite of tools that allows its Members to easily manage their musical work (aka song) data. Learning how to use these tools effectively is one of the best ways you, as a Member, can Play Your Part™ in The MLC process and ensure you receive all your digital audio mechanical royalties for streaming.

Webinars & Videos


Click here to find a wide variety of video content to help educate prospective MLC Members and active Members. On this page, you will find a listing of upcoming webinars you can join live, recordings of past webinars you can watch on demand, helpful short-form videos related to specific topics, and archived webinars from before our launch.

Digital Music Royalties

The Digital Music Royalties Landscape is complex. Copyright law establishes a number of different rights for both musical works and sound recordings, and each of these rights has the potential to produce its own separate royalty stream.

Self-Administered Songwriters


Click here to find resources designed to help self-administered songwriters determine their eligibility for becoming a "Member" of The MLC. They’ll also learn steps they can take to ensure their musical works data is organized and prepared for The MLC Portal.

Music Publishers


Click here to find resources designed to help music publishers learn the steps they should take to Play Their Part and ensure their musical works data is ready for The MLC Portal.

MLC Members


Click here for Member-specific resources and tools – like informative videos about using The MLC Portal – that will help you get the most out of your MLC Membership, with more assets for Members coming soon.

Digital Service Providers (DSPs)

Click here to find resources designed to help Digital Service Providers (DSPs).



The MLC has developed resources designed to help music industry, songwriting, and composition instructors at colleges and universities learn more about our organization and our work to achieve The MLC's mission. Check back often for new resources.



Check out The MLC’s official newsletter archive to see what you may have missed!

Bulk Database Feed


The MLC’s database of musical works is available in a bulk, machine-readable format. Click here to find related resources.

Fact Sheets


Click here to find a collection of fact sheets explaining the eligibility for becoming a "Member" of The MLC, who needs to Connect to Collect with The MLC to receive digital audio mechanical royalties and how you can Play Your Part to ensure you are paid quickly.

Recursos y Herramientas

El MLC ha desarrollado recursos diseñados para informar a los autores independientes y editoras musicales sobre nuestra organización, nuestra labor para lograr la misión del MLC y las herramientas disponibles para capacitarlos en el uso del portal de El MLC. Haga clic en los enlaces a continuación para obtener más información y consulte con frecuencia para obtener nuevos recursos.

Ressources et outils

La MLC a développé des ressources conçues pour aider les auteurs-compositeurs indépendants et les éditeurs de musique à en apprendre davantage sur elle, sur le travail réalisé pour mener à bien sa mission et sur les outils nécessaires en vue de préparer votre visite sur le portail de la MLC. Cliquez ici pour en savoir davantage et revenez souvent nous voir pour découvrir de nouvelles ressources.

MLC Week

Take a look back at the full week of panels and programming intended to provide important updates.