Self-Administered Songwriters

Songwriters, composers and lyricists are “self-administered” if they have retained the right to register their own musical works with The MLC AND collect their own mechanical royalties directly or through a business manager, accountant, lawyer or other representative/agent.

If you have assigned your rights to register your musical works and collect your mechanical royalties in the United States to a music publisher or administrator, you will not need to become a Member of The MLC. Your publisher or administrator will handle your collection and registration. If you work with a music publisher or administrator in any capacity, please check with that music publisher or administrator before becoming a Member of The MLC.

Preparing for Membership

The links below provide information on the next steps you can take to learn more about The MLC. 

Next Steps

We have begun inviting prospective Members to set-up their user accounts in our brand-new user portal, after which users will be able to create their Member profiles and complete the membership process. If you are interested in receiving an invite to begin the process, please submit the form below, so we can add you to our list!