Data Programs

Data Programs at The MLC

The MLC’s data programs support the efforts of dozens of digital media and technology companies around the world to gain insight into the ownership of musical works and to develop and offer a variety of solutions to businesses, rightsholders, and consumers where musical works and related sound recording data is paramount. To discuss how your company can leverage The MLC’s data programs to improve your dealings with The MLC or to power your music industry services, feel free to contact

Bulk Data Access Subscription


The Music Modernization Act of 2018 requires The MLC to make its database of musical works available in a bulk, machine/computer-readable format and through a widely available software application.

Public Search API


Music publishers and administrators, DSPs, CMOs, music technology companies, and others can use the first version of The MLC’s Public Search API in BETA to retrieve information about musical works in The MLC database.

Distributor Unmatched Recordings Portal (DURP)



Distributor Unmatched Recordings Portal (DURP) will enable music distributors, aggregators, and other eligible sound recording distributors to gain visibility into recordings that The MLC has been unable to fully match to musical works registered with The MLC.

Data Quality Initiative (DQI)


The MLC created the Data Quality Initiative (DQI) to provide a streamlined way for music publishers, administrators, self-administered songwriters and foreign collective management organizations (CMOs) to compare large schedules of their musical works’ data against The MLC’s data.