Self-Administered Songwriters

These resources are designed to help self-administered songwriters determine their eligibility for becoming a Member of The MLC.

Are You A Self-Administered Songwriter?

If you're unsure whether you should categorize yourself as a self-administered songwriter, we've got four questions to ask yourself.
See the questions here.

The MLC Presents: How Self-Administered Songwriters Can Connect to Collect

This webinar recaps The MLC's activities to-date and our plans for the future. It explains what it means to be a "self-administered" writer and how self-administered writers can become Members of The MLC (or Connect to Collect) in order to ensure they receive the digital audio mechanical royalties they're owed. Finally, it guides self-administered writers through the process of organizing their musical works data now, ahead of the roll out of The MLC's new user portal for Members. Watch the webinar here. 

DQI Webinar for Spreadsheet Software Users:

This August 2020 webinar is targeted for those who are using Excel, Google Sheets or similar methods to store their data.
Watch the webinar.