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Register below for webinars hosted by The MLC to learn from our leadership team who needs to become a Member, how you become a Member, and what to do once you become a Member. Once registered you will receive an email with details and a unique login link to join the webinar. Each person interested in attending should register separately as the link will be specifically created for you.

Featured Webinars:

The MLC Explained – A Four-Part Webinar Series

The MLC is hosting a four-part webinar series designed to educate prospective Members about The MLC and joining the organization, and you’re invited!

Each 30-minute session will cover one specific area of interest – from who should join The MLC and how to do so, to registering your musical works data and the process for paying Members mechanical royalties – so you’ll have all the information you need get the most out of your MLC Membership.  

Join us for all four webinars and take a comprehensive journey through The MLC Membership process, or pick and choose those that best fit your schedule and particular needs: 

The Basics: What is The MLC and Who Should be a Member?

In this introductory webinar, you’ll learn about how and why The MLC was created, discover the full scope of our work, hear answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about The MLC and get a detailed breakdown of who should join The MLC for free in order to receive mechanical royalties they may be owed. 

April 16, 9 a.m. PT |11 a.m. CT | Noon ET - Register Here

Membership 101: How to Join The MLC 

So you’re ready to join The MLC. This webinar will walk you through the entire process step-by-step, showing you how to create both a user profile and a Member account and giving you a tour of The MLC Portal – where Members register, maintain and update all of their musical works data – to showcase its functionality and capabilities. 

April 23, 9 a.m. PT |11 a.m. CT | Noon ET - Register Here

Data Accuracy and Why it Matters

Registering accurate and complete musical works data with The MLC is one of the most crucial things Members can do to ensure they get their mechanical royalties. In this webinar, you’ll hear from The MLC why it’s so important, and learn first-hand how resources like The MLC’s Data Quality Initiative (DQI) make it quick and easy to submit the most precise data to The MLC Portal.  

May 7, 9 a.m. PT |11 a.m. CT | Noon ET - Register Here

Getting Paid: The MLC’s Royalty Distribution Process 

Join us for this webinar covering The MLC’s royalty distributions to Members, which are now underway, and get all of your royalty questions answered by our team. We’ll cover the timing and cadence of royalty payments to Members moving forward, explain the royalty rates The MLC is using, review each of the royalty statement documents that will accompany payments and much more so you’re fully prepared for future distributions. 

May 21, 9 a.m. PT |11 a.m. CT | Noon ET - Register Here

Webinars Offered Monthly:

What is The MLC?  

Are you a songwriter, composer or lyricist streaming your songs on a digital platform? The MLC helps creators like you (and your publishers and administrator partners) collect your streaming royalties. This webinar from The MLC introduces who we are, why self-published writers should become Members of The MLC, and why registering your songs with The MLC is critical to ensuring you receive ALL of the royalties you are entitled to when your songs are streamed in the U.S.

Upcoming Dates:

April 25, Noon ET | 11 a.m. CT | 9 a.m. PT  - Register Here

The MLC Presents: Q&A for Self-Administered Songwriters 

Are you a self-administered songwriter (also known as independent songwriter) with questions about The MLC and your digital audio mechanical royalties? We invite you to join MLC staffers for this interactive webinar to get answers to any questions you have about MLC Membership, The MLC Portal and all of the tools and resources available to help self-administered songwriters register their musical works data with The MLC and get the mechanical royalties they are owed.  

Upcoming Dates:

Stay tuned!

The MLC Presents: Understanding Your Royalty Statements 

In this webinar, you will learn about the monthly MLC royalty payments. We’ll walk you through each of the royalty statement documents Members are sent in tandem with their payments. You’ll learn about what those documents include and how you can access additional detailed royalty information via The MLC Portal, with plenty of time for Q&A. 

Upcoming Dates:

April 17, Noon ET | 11 a.m. CT | 9 a.m. PT - Register Here

Q&A for Publishers & Administrators

Join us for a special interactive webinar geared specifically for music publishers and administrators, as representatives of The MLC tackle all of your questions about The MLC – from Membership to resources like the Data Quality Initiative – and explain in detail how The MLC engages and works with music publishers just like you.

Upcoming Dates:

Stay tuned!