Support of The MLC: Songwriter, Publisher, and Industry Organizations

Over the past four years, The MLC has conducted extensive outreach and educational activities to connect with a diverse range of rightsholders. These activities have enabled The MLC to enroll nearly 40,000 members based throughout the United States and around the world.

As a non-profit organization dedicated to serving its members, The MLC is committed to active engagement with groups that represent songwriters, publishers and other rightsholders. We have consistently fostered relationships with songwriters or their publishing or administrative partners, earning continued support from numerous songwriter advocacy, publisher and industry groups. Thank you to these groups for supporting The MLC:

Songwriter Advocacy Organizations

Music Artists Coalition

Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI)

Recording Academy

Songwriters of North America (SONA)

The 100 Percenters

Music Publisher Organizations

Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP)

Church Music Publisher Association (CMPA)

Independent Music Publishers International Forum (IMPF)

International Confederation of Music Publishers (ICMP)

Music Publishers Association (MPA)

National Music Publishers Association (NMPA)

Music Industry Groups, Associations and Organizations

Academy of Country Music

Americana Music Association

Copyright Alliance

Folk Alliance International

Gospel Music Association Trade Organization

Leadership Music

Music Business Association

Music Managers Forum-US (MMF-US)

Production Music Association

Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)

We welcome the opportunity to expand our network and connect with more songwriter, publisher and industry groups. If we haven't connected with your group yet, we invite you to reach out to The MLC looks forward to receiving the unique insights and perspectives that each organization brings, and we're committed to fostering meaningful dialogue and collaboration with all.