Duplicate Work Registrations

From time to time, duplicate work registrations are created in The MLC’s musical works database. There are several reasons why this may occur, but it is important that Members promptly notify The MLC when these duplicates are found, so that we can take the appropriate steps to resolve them. 

Duplicate work registrations generally share the same or similar work details, such as song title, writers, publishers, ISWC and collection percentages, as well as sound recording metadata.  

The MLC makes every effort to identify and merge duplicate work registrations, but occasionally you may discover that more than one registration was unintentionally created for the same work in The MLC Portal. 

What You Need to Do If You Identify Duplicate Work Registrations: 

  • If you’re an MLC Member and identify a potential duplicate work registration in The MLC Portal, please email The MLC Support Team here and provide a brief explanation of the issue, along with the applicable work title(s) and MLC song code(s).   
  • If your works are currently administered by another MLC Member, we encourage you to utilize The MLC Public Work Search here to review your work registrations.  If you identify a potential duplicate registration, please notify your administrator and ask them to report the issue directly to The MLC Support Team. 

How The MLC Updates Duplicate Work Registrations: 

  • If no conflicting claims exist on the duplicate works registrations, The MLC will typically merge the works into a single registration and no further action should be needed. 
  • However, if conflicting claims do exist on the duplicate work registrations, The MLC will notify the claimants to determine if a resolution can be agreed upon.  If conflicting claims persist, a conflict procedure may be required  under The MLC’s Dispute Policy. 

Questions & Next Steps: 

For any questions or assistance related to duplicate work registrations, please contact The MLC Support Team here