On-Demand Webinars

You can begin the CONNECT TO COLLECT process by learning and getting your questions answered with on-demand recordings of our webinars that cover a range of topics for prospective Members as well as active Members of The MLC.

The MLC Presents: Independent Music Distributors - Learn How to Access Unclaimed Royalties for DIY Artists

With input from the largest independent music distributors in the world, The MLC has developed a tool to interact with data on over 2M recordings and nearly $100M in associated unclaimed royalties for DIY artists. This new Distributor Unmatched Recordings Portal (DURP) joins The MLC’s growing suite of tools designed to increase data accuracy and payout efficiency, furthering The MLC’s mission to pay rightsholders their mechanical royalties correctly and on time. If you’re an independent music distributor, aggregator, or sound recording distributor interested in accessing all the unmatched recordings you’ve released so your artists can get paid. Click here to watch this webinar for a look inside the DURP platform.

The MLC Presents: Digital Music Royalties - The 4 Ways To Get Paid

When music is used on digital music services, more than one type of royalty is generated and paid to creators. Are you collecting all of the royalties you should be? Understanding the types of royalties generated and how to collect them can be difficult because it is complex. At The MLC, we’ve mapped it out for you. Watch this webinar for a breakdown of the digital music landscape, where we’ll explain the different rights involved and royalties due to creators of both musical works and sound recordings. Watch the webinar here.

The MLC Presents: Making Matches Makes You Money

Check out The MLC’s newest resource – the Matching Tool – and learn how using it can increase your royalty payments from The MLC! Join The MLC’s CEO Kris Ahrend and Head of Customer Experience Lindsey Major as they host this in-depth demonstration, showing you how to access the Matching Tool via The MLC Portal to easily search for and “link” unmatched sound recordings connected to your musical works and answering all of your questions. Watch the webinar here.

The MLC Presents: Metadata and Money What You Need to Know 

Metadata and Money: What You Need to Know”, a webinar that was developed based on direct feedback from Members of The MLC. The session covers all the basics of metadata and the different sources of revenue for musicians in the streaming space, while also outlining some of the “best practices” for managing your metadata that you can easily adopt to ensure you’re getting paid all of your mechanical royalties. Watch the webinar here.

The MLC Presents: Are You Getting All of Your Digital Mechanical Streaming Money?

Are you a self-administered songwriter? If your answer is “yes” or even “not sure,” watch this webinar replay that covers how songwriters get paid from The MLC. Serona Elton, The MLC’s Head of Educational Partnerships, guides you through the basics of mechanical royalties, how The MLC fits within that world, eligibility to Connect to Collect, and steps you need to take in order to receive the digital audio mechanical royalties you are owed. Watch the webinar here.

The MLC Presents: Q&A for Publishers and Administrators

Check out this replay of our special interactive webinar geared specifically for music publishers. The MLC’s Head of Rights Management Maurice Russell and Head of Customer Experience Lindsey Major questions about The MLC – from Membership to resources like the Data Quality Initiative – and explain in detail how The MLC engages and works with music publishers just like you. Watch the webinar here.

The MLC Presents: Q&A for Self-Administered Songwriters

Are you a self-administered songwriter with questions about The Mechanical Licensing Collective and your digital audio mechanical royalties? We invite you to watch the replay of this interactive webinar hosted by The MLC’s CEO Kris Ahrend and The MLC’s Head of Educational Partnerships Serona Elton and who answered questions about MLC Membership, The MLC Portal and all of the tools and resources available to help self-administered songwriters register their musical works data with The MLC and get the mechanical royalties they are owed. Watch the webinar here.

The MLC Presents: Registering and Updating Works

This webinar is devoted entirely to maintaining the centerpiece of every MLC Membership – your catalog of musical works. During this session, we review how to register new and existing musical works in The MLC Portal both individually and via The MLC’s bulk upload feature, outline how to edit works, cover best practices for addressing errors in your data and much more. It is all designed to help ensure your catalog is up-to-date and that you’re positioned to collect all of the royalties you’re entitled to receive. Watch the webinar here.

The MLC Presents: The Writer Behind the Song (Hispanic Heritage Month Edition)

The MLC's "Writer Behind the Song" series shines a spotlight on MLC's songwriter Members through a candid conversation about music, career, and their personal journeys. Our Hispanic Heritage Month edition will be moderated by Guillermo Page, Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of the Music Industry Program at the University of Miami Frost School of Music. Watch the webinar here.

The MLC Presents: Mucho Dinero - Unlocking U.S. Digital Mechanical Royalties for Latin Music

Latin music is among the fastest growing genre in the U.S. music market. This is especially true in the digital music sector with revenue from streaming increasing year over year. As the digital music licensing landscape continues to evolve, it is important that Latin music creators and rightsholders alike stay in tune with those changes and the ways in which their works earn royalties. In this video The Mechanical Licensing Collective's Head of Third-Party Partnerships, Dae Bogan, joined in conversation with four industry pros who are helping Latin music creators and rightsholders navigate the digital music royalties landscape and build strong businesses. Speakers include Yira Santiago, LLM, Founder of Protege Tu Música TV, LLC (Protect Your Music TV); Stephanie Santiago Rolon, Founder of Take Creative Control [Latin]; Jorge Brea, Founder of Symphonic Distribution; and Delia Orjuela, President of Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame. Watch the webinar here.

The MLC Explained a 4-Part Webinar Series

The Basics: What is The MLC and Who Should Become a Member?

This introductory webinar with The MLC's Head of Educational Partnerships, Serona Elton, covers how and why The MLC was created and the scope of the organization’s work, as well as addresses some of the most commonly asked questions about The MLC and outlines who should become an MLC Member in order to receive any mechanical royalties they may be owed. Watch the webinar here.

Membership 101: How to Join The MLC

This webinar walks participants through the process of joining The Mechanical Licensing Collective and provides a tour of The MLC Portal – where Members register, maintain and update all of their musical works data – to showcase its functionality and capabilities. Watch the webinar here.

Data Accuracy and Why It Matters

This webinar explains why it’s so important to register accurate and complete musical works data with The Mechanical Licensing Collective and learn first-hand how resources like The MLC’s Data Quality Initiative (DQI) make it quick and easy to submit the most precise data to The MLC Portal. Watch the webinar here.

The MLC's Royalty Distribution Process

This webinar covers The Mechanical Licensing Collective’s royalty distributions to Members, which are now underway. We cover the timing and cadence of royalty payments to Members moving forward, explain the royalty rates The MLC is using, review each of the royalty statement documents that will accompany payments and much more so you’re fully prepared for future distributions. Watch the webinar here.

The MLC Presents: Understanding Your Royalty Statements

You will learn about the monthly MLC royalty payments. We walk you through each of the royalty statement documents Members are sent in tandem with their payments. You’ll learn about what those documents include and how you can access additional detailed royalty information via The MLC Portal. Watch the webinar here.

The MLC Presents: Defining MLC Members and Users 

This webinar breaks down how The MLC delineates and classifies its Members and users. We cover the fundamental differences between the two terms, address who should register with The MLC as one or both and walk you through the processes of becoming both a Member and a user. The session also explains the different types of users and the capabilities each one has.  Watch the webinar here.

The MLC Presents: Q&A The MLC Portal 

Watch the replay of our special interactive* webinar that first aired on March 2, 2021, that covered questions related to The MLC Portal. The Mechanical Licensing Collective’s Head of Rights Management Maurice Russell and Head of Customer Experience Lindsey Major tackled questions about The MLC Portal ranging from registering works, editing works and other functionality. Watch the webinar here.

The MLC Presents: Why & How to Become a Member 

This webinar covers MLC Membership, as The MLC’s Head of Customer Experience Lindsey Major and Serona Elton Head of Educational Partnerships outline why self-administered songwriters, lyricists, composers and music publishers should join The MLC now in order to be positioned to receive the digital audio mechanical royalties they are owed, and walks participants through the process of joining the organization free of charge and registering their musical works data with The MLC. Watch the webinar here.

Bulk Database Feed Webinar

In this December 2020 webinar, The MLC’s Richard Thompson (CIO) and Raphael Amselli (Technical Consultant) provide an overview of the format, features, timing and pricing of The MLC’s Bulk Database Feed and answer questions from participants. Watch webinar here.

Data Quality Initiative (DQI) Webinars 

We have hosted several webinars related to the Data Quality Initiative (DQI). To learn more about the DQI and watch the DQI webinar most relevant to what you’d like to learn more about, click here

The MLC Presents: Music, Rights and Money for Teen Artists

This informative session covers the basics of music copyrights, digital music royalties and the use of music for the internet, social media, film and TV with ample time for questions, providing participants with an important functional understanding of music business concepts and rightsholder entitlements. Watch the webinar here. 

The MLC Presents: Teens in Music Roundtable 

The MLC’s Head of Educational Partnerships Serona Elton hosts a virtual roundtable for Junior Music Rights Week with a handful of up-and-coming teenage music creators, each of whom will talk about their musical journey to-date, share their experiences with creating and releasing new music, discuss some of the challenges young creators face and much more. Watch the webinar here.