Catalog Export Feature

We have added a new on-demand Catalog Export feature to The MLC Portal. Members can use this to export into an Excel or CSV file the musical works data for all of the works in their catalogs or for a subset of those works using the existing search function. Here are some tips when using this new feature: 

  • The export button can be found to the right of the search terms dropdown on the catalog page. 
  • Once clicked, the user is guided to select a file format and submit a request.
  • After the request is submitted, the export file is subsequently emailed to them.
  • Members can search any of the following fields to narrow their catalog before doing an export: Artist, MLC song code, publisher IPI, publisher name, publisher number, writer IPI, writer ID, writer name.
  • If a search field not in the above list is selected, the export button will not be present. 

It’s your data — give it a shot! If you have any questions please contact our Support team.