Catalog Transfers

What is a catalog transfer?

Occasionally, Members may choose to transfer their right(s) to collect royalties for a collection or "catalog" of musical works to another Member. This is referred to as a “catalog transfer.”

A catalog transfer may include the transfer of a full catalog (all works within the catalog) or a partial catalog (only specific works within a catalog).

In such cases, it is essential that these Members inform The MLC and provide specific documentation regarding the transfer. This allows The MLC to update the relevant data for these works in its database and then redirect royalties for the works being transferred to the Member receiving rights according to the transfer.

Need more info about catalog transfers?

To learn more about catalog transfer and The MLC’s catalog transfer process, please review our Help Center article here.

Catalog Transfer Form

The first step in the catalog transfer process is to complete the Catalog Transfer Form below. The form should be completed by the new Member that is receiving the rights to collect royalties (referred to as the New Claimant).

The Catalog Transfer Form collects all of the information and specific documentation regarding the transfer. After the form is submitted, The MLC will review and follow-up by email with next steps.

Documentation requested for upload via the Catalog Transfer Form includes:
•    Letter of Authorization*
•    Letter of Relinquishment (LOR)

*What is a Letter of Authorization?

A Letter of Authorization is sometimes referred to as a Letter of Administration Rights or Letter of Direction. Any of these are acceptable, provided they clearly evidence that the owner of the works concerned has authorized the New Claimant to collect royalties for the works on their behalf.

Note for Self-Administered Songwriters

Self-administered songwriters receiving rights from a publisher or publishing administrator do not need to submit a Letter of Authorization* since they are effectively administering their own rights.

However, they should still upload a Letter of Relinquishment (LOR) from the Member previously entitled to administer the works concerned if they have a copy of that document.

Tips for Completing the Catalog Transfer Form

•    Required fields are noted with a red asterisk (*).

•    Optional fields are not mandatory, but this information may help expediate the catalog transfer process.

•    Information entered into the Catalog Transfer Form will not be saved if you navigate away from the page without submitting.

•    If you need to submit multiple Catalog Transfer Forms, refresh the page after you have submitted the first form, and the form will reset for a new submission.