Bulk Database Feed

The Music Modernization Act of 2018 requires The MLC to make its database of musical works available in a bulk, machine/computer-readable format and through a widely available software application. 

Supported by a new DDEX technical standard called “BWARM” (Bulk Works and Recording Metadata), the Bulk Data Feed makes it easy to access data from The MLC’s database on musical works, parties, sound recordings, products and releases and more. This comprehensive and invaluable resource is available to digital service providers, music publishers, collective management organizations, record labels, metadata companies and others throughout the industry. 

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Video: The MLC’s Bulk Database Feed: 

In this December 2020 webinar, The MLC’s Richard Thompson (CIO) and Raphael Amselli (Technical Consultant) provide an overview of the format, features, timing and pricing of The MLC’s Bulk Database Feed and answer questions from participants. Watch webinar here.  

DDEX BWARM Standard 

To learn more about the DDEX BWARM Standards click here