Preparing for 2021

Play Your Part™

The MLC will begin issuing and administering blanket licenses for streaming and download services in January 2021. If you are a creator who is currently working with a music publisher, The MLC will work with your publisher directly to prepare for 2021. If you are a self-administered creator or a music publisher, here are a few steps you can take now to Play Your Part:

  • Create and maintain a schedule listing all of the songs you administer.
  • For each song, list:
    • Song title(s)
    • Songwriter names and IPI numbers
    • Publisher names and IPI numbers
    • Share splits
    • Corresponding sound recording titles, artist names, and ISRCs

This is your data. By making sure your data is organized and up-to-date now, you'll have a head start when The MLC launches its portal later this year.

If you have an existing online account with HFA (the vendor The MLC selected to help build its database), you can also:

  • Verify that HFA’s data for each of the songs you administer is accurate and complete, including song title, songwriter names, income share splits, and the data regarding each corresponding sound recording that features one of the songs you administer (like sound recording title, ISRC code, and the names of the recording artists who performed on those sound recordings)
  • Update any incorrect information: (1) manually, in the HFA portal; (2) by submitting updated data to HFA using an eSong submission form; or (3) submitting updated data to HFA via CWR interface

Over the coming months, we will update this page with additional steps you can take to Play Your Part™.

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