Member Resources

Check out the helpful videos below on how to use The MLC Portal to set up an account, register as a member and add or assign a new user to an existing Member account, and be sure check this page frequently for the latest resources the MLC is developing specifically for Members.  

Video - The MLC Portal: How to Sign Up  

Watch this video for a detailed, step-by-step demonstration on how to create an account with The MLC and register as a Member. You’ll take a tour of The MLC Portal – where Members register and manage their musical works data – and learn about the different types of Portal Users, as well as best practices for securely and accurately setting up an account. Click here to watch video.

How to Assign a User to a Member Account  

This video provides a quick tutorial on adding or assigning users to an existing MLC Member Account through The MLC Portal, covering the specific type of users that can be added (“Copyright”, “Finance” and “Super User”) and the capabilities and permissions of each in The Portal once they have been added.  Click here to watch video.

The MLC Membership Quick Guide 

Click here to check out our Membership Quick Guide, designed to help you select the right type of user account.

The MLC Presents: Why & How to Become a Member 

This webinar covers MLC Membership, as The MLC’s Head of Customer Experience Lindsey Major and Serona Elton Head of Educational Partnerships outline why self-administered songwriters, lyricists, composers and music publishers should join The MLC now in order to be positioned to receive the digital audio mechanical royalties they are owed, and walks participants through the process of joining the organization free of charge and registering their musical works data with The MLC. Click here to watch video.