How are HFA and ConsenSys involved in the work of The MLC?

The Harry Fox Agency (HFA) and ConsenSys were selected by The MLC Board, after an extensive RFI/RFP process, to help build The MLC Portal and leverage HFA’s existing data set. 

An RFI process was initiated in November 2018, resulting in submissions from over a dozen technology companies. A thorough review of responses to the initial RFI was undertaken beginning in December 2018. RFI participants were broadly vetted by numerous members of the copyright owner community, including the music publisher members of the Operations Advisory Committee, who, as a group, have experience with each of the vendor’s services and capabilities. Additional input was provided on request by major DSPs, including Amazon, Apple, Google, Spotify and Pandora, each of whom also have significant experience with vendors in this space. The MLC then selected 7 of the companies who submitted RFIs to submit RFPs. The MLC’s team spent thousands of hours collectively evaluating vendors, meeting with them, reviewing technical materials and assessing their experience and capacities. And the end of the review process, HFA and ConsenSys were selected.

HFA is helping us onboard music publishers, administrators, and self-administered songwriters, composers and lyricists, and their catalogs to The MLC Portal, manage the matching of digital uses to musical works, and distribute mechanical royalties. ConsenSys is the software developer, building The MLC Portal. 

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