DSP Resources

DSP Resources

The MLC has begun administering blanket mechanical licenses for digital service providers (DSPs) operating in the United States. The MLC urges DSPs to connect with the MLC as soon as possible.

DSPs should reach out to The MLC at dsp.relations@themlc.com

If you are engaged in digital transmission of sound recordings in the United States (including streaming or downloads) and are unsure if you qualify as a DSP under Section 115 of the U.S. Copyright Act, please consult with your legal counsel as soon as possible.

The MLC continues to coordinate with the Digital Licensee Coordinator, a nonprofit created by the Music Modernization Act to represent the DSPs, to fulfill our shared mission to deliver digital mechanical royalties accurately and on time to songwriters and music publishers. Additional information about the Digital Licensee Coordinator can be found at https://digitallicenseecoordinator.org/.

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Notice of License Webform

Notice of Nonblanket Activity Webform 

Direct Voluntary Licenses (for Streaming) Template v1.1

Video: How to Submit a Notice of License

Presentation: How to Submit a Notice of License

Usage Reporting Specification and Guidelines 

Sample Monthly Usage Reporting Cover Sheet Template v1.0

Simple Usage Reporting Format for Ongoing Reporting v1.0 Revision 2

Guidelines for sending monthly Reports of Usage to The MLC using DDEX DSRF v1.3 v1.0

Guidelines for sending monthly Reports of Usage to The MLC using DDEX DSRF v1.4 v1.0

Video: How to Submit Usage Reporting

Presentation: How to Submit Usage Reporting




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