Data Quality Initiative (DQI)

Getting Started with DQI

The Data Quality Initiative (DQI) provides a streamlined way for music publishers, administrators and foreign collective management organizations to compare their musical works data against The MLC’s data. Simply put, the DQI is a data check that highlights discrepancies between the works you submit to us and those we have in our database. The DQI is not a tool that can be used to submit new work registrations or edit existing registrations in The MLC’s database.  

To get started:

•    Prepare your data: You will need to supply the work title, writer names, MLC/HFA song codes, ISWC, your proprietary work identifier number and your collection share for the work. We have different file formats to suit your system capabilities.

•    Manage your submissions: If you have a large catalog, you may want to prioritize your works based by active titles, writers or other criteria. Remember, there is no limit to the number or frequency of your submissions to the DQI. 

•    Review your responses: Once your DQI file is processed, you will receive an output report highlighting any discrepancies. It is up to you to determine what steps need to be taken to address these discrepancies.

•    Update your works with The MLC: Once you have reviewed the discrepancies in the output report, you will need to register or update the corresponding works with The MLC using CWR or the work registration tools available in The MLC’s Portal.

The MLC has also engaged in strategic partnerships with third parties, including those participating in our Data Quality Initiative Partner Program. The companies listed below have demonstrated the ability to enable music publishers and self-administered songwriters to participate in The MLC's DQI process to check their data against our data. 

DQI Partner Companies: 

For any other questions or queries, please reach out to The DQI Team at If you'd like to participate, click here.